Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I am about to leave for our nearest 'big' town to await the birth of our third child!! How excitment!

I did however realise that I have not updated this blog in a while (or my other one for that matter) so slack! LOL

Ok, well land settlement went through wonderfully and we are now the proud owners of a sandy block in Yanchep, so happy :)

We finally received our final plans and addenda which was great as we were able to go through it together (remember I had to go to Perth on my lonesome with the kids to do Pre-start) fortunately hubby and myself are very open in our communication and everything picked was right and the electrical was all correct too! *phew*

So that has been sent back all signed and we just await the slab to go down now. We have been told that should be mid August, so a while away, but exciting all the same.

Well, this baby is due the end of July, so from Monday until the end of the month I could be a new mummy again, I will be sure to pop back in and leave the news!

Until next time, hope you are having fun with your own build or whatever you are doing and thanks for reading here!

Tash xxx