Friday, August 27, 2010

Grrrrr....and then some positive...

Had a most upsetting day today.
Can not, or rather will not post all details on an open blog, but it has to do with a contractor our building company and rudeness!

Our building company have been FANTASTIC. I even had a phonecall from the boss to apologise for the behaviour of the contractor and will be getting someone else to finish of a job that needs to be done.

I am thankful that my husband was at home, to see the rudeness and also took a phonecall and experienced the rudeness via the phone. As I had experienced it already today and could not believe it.

As an aside, taking my children to do a Bunnings kids workshop on the weekend to do a Fathers day activity, so they are looking forward to that and also going to pop into Fired! at some point to pick up the kids creations they painted for their Dad... :)

Anyone with children (or even just adults for that matter, it's really fun!) should definately pay them a visit and get painting some bisque! Very good prices, friendly staff. I will definately be making it a regular place to go to with the kids :)

What else? Hmmm, have been looking at paint colours again, has anyone got a colour that is in the brown family, that has a green tinge to it? Open to any paint brand, as we haven't even decided on that yet!

We would like the 'main' colour throughout the house, to be somewhat similar to below, but not so....umm, pink???? It's soooo hard trying to find the right colour!!!!!

Tash xxx

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Window tinting

Forgot to mention that we got our front windows tinted - just the bedroom and front entrance windows. Our house is north facing and the sun heats up the bedroom and we're also worried about the effect the uv would have on our floor, as well as when we get blinds.

So we got that done recently, was an easy process, just measured up the panes of glass and took those measurements into tintacar they came around the following week and I am pretty sure it took them about 25/30 minutes to do both windows (well 3 panes of glass).

The difference is amazing and I am seriously thinking of getting the childrens rooms done also at a later stage. It was just shy of $240 so not a bad price and we got the darkest tint available. :)

Ok, well I am off to bed. Have a good one everyone!!
Tash xxx

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just posting...

Hello everyone :)

You have to excuse the 'quality' of the last lot of photos, they were taken on my iPhone, so not terribly good AND my dog had decided to run through the sprinklers, through the mulch and then on to the alfresco, so that's the dirty marks you can see. I assure you it looks much nicer in real life :)
Liquid limestone
Click on the above and it will take you to the website of the people who did our alfresco/outside area. They are wonderful, very competitive prices - actually my husband and I are verry picky with certain things and I can assure you that when I say we got many quotes, we certainly got many quotes!! His was the right price, the right finish and recommended by a neighbour (we saw his work first hand which was pretty much the clincher for us)
If you do speak to him, let him know where you got his details from please, I am sure he'll be happy to know. Also, no, I do not receive anything for writing this.

Tash xxx

Monday, August 16, 2010

Alfresco is finished!

Ok, so managed to get the photos off my phone and onto this computer, YEAH!
So without further ado, here they are! Hope you like :)

Tash xxx

They're coming...

Pictures are coming, hopefully later this evening...

I am having some issues uploading photos from my phone to my computer. So hopefully will have access to another computer later tonight to put photos on there and then upload. :)

Will also be doing another 'interior colours' post, as I have been to Bunnings looking at the 'colour wall' trying to decide what colours I like. Hahahha, it's a far harder job than any I have had so far. Although I am pretty sure I have gotten it right...

Painting won't happen for a while yet, but we need to plan these things don't we?

Tash xxx

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lots of pictures...

Hello my blog readers!!
Apologies for lack of posts/pictures...sick children, myself and husband both sick, busy life in general...*sigh*

Without further ado...our back garden completed! The liquid limestone went down earlier this week and looks fabbo! Although no pictures of that...oh Tash! Will endeavour to get pics tomorrow and post ASAP...

But here are some landscape pics to whet your appetite :) Enjoy xxx