Saturday, May 14, 2011

Posts have been very few, I apologise.
We have been somewhat busy with the house lately, but alas I have still to purchase a new card for my camera. So will endeavour to put up some 'mobile phone' pictures, they won't be great quality, but they will show (at least) what we've been up to.

Recent events, we cleaned up the gardens, weeded, moved some plants from the back garden into the front garden - by the way the plants we didn't require any longer we put on Free cycle (click the link and then join if you haven't) and they were taken the next day. The lady managed to score over 13 plants and was very happy.

So were we, as we would have felt terrible throwing away such nice plants.

We have now painted 98% of the living area, with the kitchen, dining, family and activity rooms now having been painted and skirting boards installed.
We need some more paint for the lounge (to finish off 100% paint for living areas) and also floor boards in there and skirting. Once done, we'll move onto laundry and toilet and main bathroom.

Still tossing up colours, we thought we'd found a good one with Taubmans Gusto, but it was too dark and not the 'right' green. So then whilst in Bunnings, we decided to get a sample of Taubmans Iced coffee, but alas, this was too dark also. We're thinking we could possibly go with a half tint, but it seems to have more of a pinkish/red undertone which we are not loving at the moment.
So back to the drawing board on that one!

Ok, well I will try and figure out how to do an upload direct to this blog from my phone, otherwise, will do a normal upload to computer and then to here.

Tash xxx