Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have a secret I am keeping from my husband...*looks shiftly around* our front and rear landscaping has been started...hubby doesn't come home until next week, so he'll be very surprised when we bring him home!!!

They started today, digging trenches for the retic, they did that and then dug back over.
Some plants have been planted along the verge and also the side of the driveway, for now though they are finished.

It has been raining and raining all day and they had finally had enough (to be honest I was surprised that they had continued at it!) and would you guess?! The rain has stopped and the sun is shining! Hahaha, always the way!

They'll be back on Monday anyway, to finish off the retic (they have put the main pipes underneath just need to connect the actual sprinklers) finish putting in the plants and the turf will arrive on Tuesday! PHEW!

Photos to come. Going to see if I can figure out whether I can upload straight from my phone to here...

Tash xxx