Saturday, February 19, 2011


Nothing much to report on, interior-wise...still going through the motions of bills and other 'fun' things (note my sarcasm) looking for work, but hard to find something that fits into school hours, will keep trying though!

Today I pruned the rest of my kangaroo paws. I pruned the red ones a while ago, as they had all died and were looking horrible. So thanks to good old 'google' I found out how to do it.

Today it was the yellow ones now I have some really nice green leafy plants, instead of half dead pathetic looking things...hahaha!!

Have been 'googling' to try and find out what to plant now...flower-wise, as I would like some colour in the garden over Autumn and Winter. Haven't found anything yet.

If anyone still reads this and has any ideas, please feel free to message me/post a comment.

That's all for now :)

Tash xxx