Monday, December 28, 2009

Last lot of photos.

Merry christmas everyone! I hope you all had a lovely time with friends and loved ones.

Here are some more pics of our house. Sorry for the delay in posting these, it's currently school holidays and I have been spending a lot of time with my gorgeous children, having heaps of fun on the Wii (getting my scores beaten mind you!) and going to the pool and visiting friends.

So for your viewing pleasure :-)

Here they are!!

Tash xxx

The front of our house.

Our oven and cook top (900mm for those wondering :-) )

Main toilet which is in the laundry.
Range hood.
Our shower (in ensuite)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just a couple of pics.

These pics were taken a couple of weeks ago, due to us backing up our computer I totally forgot to add them, so here they are :-)

The house is completely locked up now, so these are 'through the window' pics from my lovely house stalker! Hahaha!

We have made our second last progress payment, so not long to go until our inspection. Due to closure over the Christmas holidays, I am doubtful anything will be done until mid Jan and then ready for our Feb 15th hand over.

Tash xxx

You can just see the pantry, the kitchen counters and that is the door into the garage.
Kitchen counter, with sink.
Side view into kitchen, there is a space for the dishwasher.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Some more pics

Here are the other pics :)

One of the bedrooms/wardrobe.
Back garden.
Bath tub, laundry trough and other bits and bobs.

Tash xxx

More pictures!!!!

WOW! Our house is still moving along at lightning speed!
Here are a couple of pictures, more to come shortly.

Front door (obviously not yet painted)
Door into kitchen/dining.
Finished fence.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Long time no post.

Well a lot has been going on at our house in Yanchep over the past couple of weeks. I am amazed at the speed of everything.

We sent off the forms for the fencing, just to be sure they were in on time. They need to be sent at least 8 weeks before lockup and as this house is chuffing along at lightning speed, we thought we had better get them sent. I also called and spoke to the man that organises the fencing, to make sure that was ok.
That was fine and so far we have a frame of fencing along the back and right hand side of the house and a half finished fence on the left.

Plastering is on it's way, the first stage has been completed and they will be starting (or may have started already) plastering the second stage.

Windows and sliding doors are in and the front render has been done, obviously not yet coloured. Not sure when that happens.

Our 'super spy' down in Yanchep (who so kindly goes around to take photos for us) actually spoke to one of the builders and they have been told to get as much done, even try and get the house finished, before the Christmas shut down. MY GOODNESS!

So for your viewing pleasure, I present the next set of photos :-)

Tash xxx

Ceiling in kitchen
Half finished fence
Our bedroom window and look at the render!
Fence frame (wall looks wavy due to photos being taken with a camera on a phone)
Fence from next door block
Front of house

Monday, October 19, 2009

The roof!

The front of the house - our bedroom
The front again, wider shot
Inside the roof
Other side of the house - laundry etc
Alfresco again
And again
Front of the house
Hope you all like. :) Hoping that the plasterers start soon, so until I hear anything. Thanks for reading and I'll catch you later.

Tash xxx

Friday, October 9, 2009

Roofing has been delivered!

Well, latest news is that the Shingles have been delivered...YAY!

So hopefully soon, we will have them on the actual roof. My 'super spy' has said she will go and take some piccies on the weekend, so as soon I get them. I will post them here.

Aside from that, nothing much else to say.

I don't know about anywhere else in Australia at the moment, but we are having the most glorious weather out here. Sunshine and more sunshine, it's starting to get hot but as a seasoned resident of this small town I am used to it, so not finding it too much just yet. Already the complaints from the 'newbies' has started though. LOL
People are streaming to the pool now it has opened, which I can not I don't think it's hot enough.

Ok, best be off.

Attempting another new recipe tonight. Got to start it now. :)

Tash xxx

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A quick note....

Just want to say a BIG HELLO and send hugs and kisses to some special people who are going to be having a look here, I chatted on the phone to you today (you should know who you are now ;-) )

Hope you enjoy the pics here, talk soon!

Tash and family xxx

Monday, September 28, 2009

We have a roof frame!

New photos have arrived and well, can I say that we are all totally amazed at how bloomin' fast this little house of ours is going up!

I was so taken with these new photos that I almost cried, yes, we can blame the lingering pregnancy hormones (well I'd like to *blush*) anyway, for your viewing pleasure I present our house, with roof frame.

Tash xxx

The view from the front window and front door

Our bedroomClose-up of our bedroom window
Garage and entry into house via garage (into dining room)
Entry into pantry
Our kitchen and dining room (obviously kitchen bench isn't in LOL so you can't quite get the idea right now)

Our Pantry, yes it's huge LOL Dining area and family room

Looking out of activity room to front of house

Right side of house.

Back of house
Alfresco area, left side of house
Left of house
Front of house

Monday, September 21, 2009

Raining and raining...

Apparently it has been horrible weather down in Perth, so not too much has happened with the house. It is pretty much at plate height now, so internal walls will be going in soon.

Up here it has been , hot hot hot, we have been walking around wearing shorts and singlets and we have even had to have the air con on! Hahahaha, amazing the difference in conditions in this great state. :)

Ok, signing off for now.

Tash xxx

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More pictures...

House plans, I actually thought to scan them this morning! Hahahahaha!

The back wall blew down in a massive storm that was in Perth recently, this is a close up pic of the bricks.

The wall, laundry area.

Close up of right hand side of house.

Close up of laundry

Close up of right side of house

Kids bedrooms
Garage, looking from alfresco area

Family room on left and dining on right.

Hope you enjoyed :)

Tash xxx