Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A quick note....

Just want to say a BIG HELLO and send hugs and kisses to some special people who are going to be having a look here, I chatted on the phone to you today (you should know who you are now ;-) )

Hope you enjoy the pics here, talk soon!

Tash and family xxx

Monday, September 28, 2009

We have a roof frame!

New photos have arrived and well, can I say that we are all totally amazed at how bloomin' fast this little house of ours is going up!

I was so taken with these new photos that I almost cried, yes, we can blame the lingering pregnancy hormones (well I'd like to *blush*) anyway, for your viewing pleasure I present our house, with roof frame.

Tash xxx

The view from the front window and front door

Our bedroomClose-up of our bedroom window
Garage and entry into house via garage (into dining room)
Entry into pantry
Our kitchen and dining room (obviously kitchen bench isn't in LOL so you can't quite get the idea right now)

Our Pantry, yes it's huge LOL Dining area and family room

Looking out of activity room to front of house

Right side of house.

Back of house
Alfresco area, left side of house
Left of house
Front of house

Monday, September 21, 2009

Raining and raining...

Apparently it has been horrible weather down in Perth, so not too much has happened with the house. It is pretty much at plate height now, so internal walls will be going in soon.

Up here it has been , hot hot hot, we have been walking around wearing shorts and singlets and we have even had to have the air con on! Hahahaha, amazing the difference in conditions in this great state. :)

Ok, signing off for now.

Tash xxx

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More pictures...

House plans, I actually thought to scan them this morning! Hahahahaha!

The back wall blew down in a massive storm that was in Perth recently, this is a close up pic of the bricks.

The wall, laundry area.

Close up of right hand side of house.

Close up of laundry

Close up of right side of house

Kids bedrooms
Garage, looking from alfresco area

Family room on left and dining on right.

Hope you enjoyed :)

Tash xxx

House pictures

Down the right hand side of the house.

Front of the house, master bedroom.

Left hand side of the house.

Front of the house, double door.

Two of the childrens rooms. A on the left and Z on the right.

Looking towards the activity room at the back, bedrooms on the left and another bedroom will be on the right on front of the wall.
Inside looking at the front door, our bedroom door is on the left.
Outside, alfresco straight ahead.

Right side of the house looking from the street around the corner LOL

Monday, September 14, 2009

We have half a house!!!!

Oh my goodness, I got the best email this morning!

Apparently we have half a house! WOW, that was quick. No photos as yet, as our friend was only driving past to look at another house and was just as surprised as anyone that anything had started!

Hopefully I will have pics for you soon, but just wanted to revel in the happiness and shock of 'hearing' (reading) that news.

Tash xxx

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We have bricks!

The latest installment :-) we have had a delivery of face bricks, internal bricks, frames and cement! Yay! Things should start moving along very quickly soon (well fingers crossed) all we need is brickies.

Oh it would be so exciting to actually go down and look at our little block, but photos will have to suffice. It's still super exciting seeing the photos anyway, as we never know when we will get photos so the suspense is just electric.

So for your pleasure and enjoyment, I present......our block. With stuff on it. Hahahahahaha!

Tash xxx

View from the side of our block.

Side again, with window frames in view.Front view of cement and frames.

Front view, of bricks and sand.