Friday, January 29, 2010

Our PCI....

We flew to Perth on the morning of Thursday 28th Jan, drove up to Joondalup and stopped off at Trevors Carpets to quickly look at flooring options.

We were quite pleased and surprised to find that timber laminates (click together floorboards) have improved drastically over the past 7 years (how long we've been living out here) and are actually harder wearing, have a wider variety of colours and finishes and generally look very nice. :-)

We had the foresight to bring our plans with us, so the nice salesman copied them and priced us up for timber laminate and also carpet for the four bedrooms (theatre will be left, as we would like to put in a false floor a few steps up). All in all, the prices are well within reach for us to get the flooring done prior to moving to Perth, which is a very good thing!

Ok, so after a very quick visit there (half an hour) we headed up to our house!

As we drove up our street, the first thing I noticed was the absence of the garage door and the roller door through to the back garden. Apparently they were ordered last year and were meant to be in place, but we have been told they should be in by the 4th of February.

The house itself is very nice and we are so happy and in love with it :-) There were a few minor things that need re-doing and/or replacing which is disappointing, seeing as it is a brand new house.

Our bedroom door is on a peculiar angle and won't shut properly and has a crack where the latch is. So it will be replaced.

The soap dish in our shower has a large chip and there is a portion of grout missing from one corner of the shower.

In the kitchen, there is a scratch on our counter near the oven, which unbelievably has to be discussed with our site supervisors supervisor! Go figure.
Also our oven has a chip in it, now I wouldn't purchase a brand new oven with a chip in it for full price, so they had better come up with something good. Either replacing or money back...Again, this apparently needs to be discussed with a 'higher person' *eye roll*

I am in LOVE wth our pantry, which is HUGE, I am so looking forward to stocking that with all of my appliances and pots and pans etc.

The dining area and family room looked great.

ALL the windows in our house need attention, from the little holes for the locks, to the bigger task of having at least one whole window being replaced, due to there being a large dent at the bottom (in the metal) grrrr....

The kids bedrooms are small, but we were expecting that, as this is our first house we didn't want a HUGE house with huge mortgage LOL

The kids bathroom, well for some reason there is a CREAM coloured soap holder in their shower...another 'what were they thinking' moment for us, so that will be replaced. I am very happy with the tiling though.

The laundry and toilet are both great too.

Outside, some guttering on the side of the house near the family room will need doing again, as it is somewhat out of alignment and dented through the middle. Also some paint is missing from behind one of the downpipes.

Our driveway needs some paving re-doing, my husband is going to have to put some concrete down I think, for the edges, as they don't seem to have done that.

When I put the photos up, you won't be able to see (because my husband had been playing with the camera settings *sigh* and I didn't realise, so the outside pics are VERY bright) but our front garden area is quite high at one point, so we will need some form of retaining wall.

All in all, it was a good trip down to Perth, the kids were fantastic, but I doubt we will be doing a day trip again! It was a very rushed and hectic day!

Photos to come, but for now, hope this is ok for my readers!! LOL

Tash xxx

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Not long to go!!

We will be flying to Perth on Thursday 28th January to do our 'walk through' of the house. Hopefully not too much needs attention and handover should be shortly after.

Getting very excited now I can tell you!!

We have been looking online at various products and services to add to 'our home' , which is somewhat exciting and nerve-wracking all at once!!

Found a guy to do our soakwells, great price and he's available as soon as possible. So our very first 'addition' to our house will be that! OMG! Progress already! Hahahaha!

I will be taking heaps of pics when we're down there, so keep checking back on Thursday night/Friday, as I'll definately be uploading!


Tash xxx

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two weeks!!!

Two weeks to go until our FIRST INSPECTION!!
So excited!! Then they have 10 working days to fix anything that we may find and then we have handover.