Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pre-start done and documents signed.....

Pre-start was about a week ago now and it was pretty straight forward.

My husband and I had a lot of time prior discussing colour choices and options for electrical fittings etc.

So myself and the children descended upon Perth. What a trip, for someone especially who hasn't driven in Perth for about 5 years now (yep has been that long!) it was especially nerve-wracking, but I soon got the hang of it!

Colours for exterior of the house :

Roof is Tarragon shingles and bricks are Midland Limestone florentine.

Render to majority of front will be Taubmans Paperbark and the feature blade wall, garage door and double front door will be Colourbond Windspray (they will use Taubmans and try and get as close as possible).

Pavers are charcoal and grey. With the charcoal being the border and grey for the main body of the driveway and also under the alfresco.

Gutters will match roof, downpipes will match as required (if on render will be coloured appropriately or against brick work etc)

Window frames/sliding doors will be Moonglow, which is a beige type colour to match the bricks. We initially wanted as dark as the roof, but rules and regs of our estate won't allow them that dark and the only colours allowed were whites or beiges... :x

Garage door is Centurion Georgian in windspray and the manual door to rear of garage will also be in windspray.

Bathroom/ensuite windows in Spotswood.

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