Monday, September 28, 2009

We have a roof frame!

New photos have arrived and well, can I say that we are all totally amazed at how bloomin' fast this little house of ours is going up!

I was so taken with these new photos that I almost cried, yes, we can blame the lingering pregnancy hormones (well I'd like to *blush*) anyway, for your viewing pleasure I present our house, with roof frame.

Tash xxx

The view from the front window and front door

Our bedroomClose-up of our bedroom window
Garage and entry into house via garage (into dining room)
Entry into pantry
Our kitchen and dining room (obviously kitchen bench isn't in LOL so you can't quite get the idea right now)

Our Pantry, yes it's huge LOL Dining area and family room

Looking out of activity room to front of house

Right side of house.

Back of house
Alfresco area, left side of house
Left of house
Front of house

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