Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Long time no post.

Well a lot has been going on at our house in Yanchep over the past couple of weeks. I am amazed at the speed of everything.

We sent off the forms for the fencing, just to be sure they were in on time. They need to be sent at least 8 weeks before lockup and as this house is chuffing along at lightning speed, we thought we had better get them sent. I also called and spoke to the man that organises the fencing, to make sure that was ok.
That was fine and so far we have a frame of fencing along the back and right hand side of the house and a half finished fence on the left.

Plastering is on it's way, the first stage has been completed and they will be starting (or may have started already) plastering the second stage.

Windows and sliding doors are in and the front render has been done, obviously not yet coloured. Not sure when that happens.

Our 'super spy' down in Yanchep (who so kindly goes around to take photos for us) actually spoke to one of the builders and they have been told to get as much done, even try and get the house finished, before the Christmas shut down. MY GOODNESS!

So for your viewing pleasure, I present the next set of photos :-)

Tash xxx

Ceiling in kitchen
Half finished fence
Our bedroom window and look at the render!
Fence frame (wall looks wavy due to photos being taken with a camera on a phone)
Fence from next door block
Front of house

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