Saturday, January 23, 2010

Not long to go!!

We will be flying to Perth on Thursday 28th January to do our 'walk through' of the house. Hopefully not too much needs attention and handover should be shortly after.

Getting very excited now I can tell you!!

We have been looking online at various products and services to add to 'our home' , which is somewhat exciting and nerve-wracking all at once!!

Found a guy to do our soakwells, great price and he's available as soon as possible. So our very first 'addition' to our house will be that! OMG! Progress already! Hahahaha!

I will be taking heaps of pics when we're down there, so keep checking back on Thursday night/Friday, as I'll definately be uploading!


Tash xxx

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  1. You mean you guys are going to miss out on all the fun of putting in your own soak wells!!