Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Long time between posts.

I apologise for the long time between posts.

We had some issues with the house and electricity. Long story short, it is all sorted now, but half our house didn't have power and the tv points were not put in (big what the?!) apparently our house had not been finished electricalwise. So why we had handover is beyond me. But like I said, it's all fixed now. :)

We are now living in our new home and it's quite nice, we have picked up on a few things (namely cosmetic) that we will have to bring up at our 6 month check, for instance our tiles in the ensuite are black and when we did pre-inspection and handover, they were dirty and smeared with grout powder etc.

Since moving in and actually cleaning them properly, I have discovered a tile with a noticeable white chip in it...looks like someone dropped something on it. And being a black tile it's all I see every time I enter my shower. LOL

Also, the door frame (??) to ensuite has considerable dents in it, which again, when doing the above you would not have noticed, as the door frame is white. It is not until you actually sit on the loo (hahaha) and 'ponder' that you notice this big dent.

My husband and I have laid the flooring to the living areas (carpet will be another few months unfortunately :-( due to funding issues...) but we have sealed the rooms with no flooring, so the dust is considerably less, which is fantastic. Coupled with our timber laminate flooring, we are super happy! :)

Now for your viewing pleasure. Photos!!

Family room
Kitchen with fridge back in place.
Family room part done
Hallway from front
Front entrance

One of the colour samples we have tried, we laughed, as it was verrrry similar to our windows!!

This green is Taubmans Long's 'too' green for us, we would like a more 'olive' green.

Side by side. (without the flash on)
Our house :-)

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