Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The wall

Photos to come later tonight (as they're on the mobile phone and my husband is out and has said phone LOL)

Husband made a wall last night in our family room which now holds the television on it, eventually the amplifier and other bits and pieces will be slotted in on the sides, so you can't really see them.

It is a bit of a change but something that we wanted to do, so we can ALMOST cross that job off the list.

I have also been calling around for quotes for the retaining wall we need out the front, but getting very frustrated with the lack of etiquette when it comes to these people keeping appointments.
Have had some just not turn up when they say they will.

So far had one quote, but obviously would like more.

The one quote we did get was quite good, but he wasn't going to help with getting the council approval (due to the wall being over 450mm in one place - it sort of starts high and then gradually 'disappears' if you understand that), soooo anyway, have found another one in the Yellow Pages (oh how I love that little yellow book!) and should have someone coming on Saturday *well fingers crossed and please cross for me* AND they do help with counil approvals. So YAY!

Anyway, much to do today!

Thanks for reading xxx Tash

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