Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We have painted!!!!!

Exciting news, we have begun painting! *SQUEAL*
Hubby and I had both picked out colours that 'we' thought best, could not agree and so upon entering the paint shop, which by the way was a  Bristol decorator centre in Joondalup and the staff are super friendly and extrememly helpful! ANYWAY....we entered the shop for the third time and looked at the 'wall of colour' and picked a colour and said right, that's our colour.

We got a 10 litre container of paint and that was that! We sealed our walls with a plaster sealer and left that to dry for a few hours (well overnight actually as we bought the paint the following day).

Because we are still in that 'new phase' of having our own house and LOVING the ability to DO things to OUR house, things like painting and skirting boards etc, are fun. So we don't mind the painting just now, we'll see how we go. ;-)

So the entrance is painted, skirting boards in and a window sill on the front window. It looks mighty fine. I will post photos when I can, the paint we have is Taubmans and it is a silky paint that has Teflon in it. We were going to go with the more expensive Taubmans endure, but were told by the people selling us the paint, that the one we are using would be much better with 3 children...I tell you I could tell them all to wipe their hands or not touch walls a thousand times a day (and probably do) but that's not working, so the next best thing, get a paint that is 'scrubbable' hahahha!
The colour is OLIVINE, it looks sort of beige in some lights, green in other light, then brown...it is an ever changing colour...we LOVE it. It has 'warmed' the house up and makes the place look homely if that makes sense. It is going to look wonderful when it is all finished, but for now we are going slow and steady and will see what else we can get up to :-)

Tash xxx

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