Monday, January 24, 2011

This is what happens when....

your husband is off work for just over two weeks and towards the end, he gets bored.

Yes, well....

Not much else has been happening on the home front. Unfortunately everything costs money and well, we need to live! Hahahaha!!
But rest assured I am having tonnes of fun, researching carpets and blinds and light fittings :)


  1. Sorry to have to comment here about this but there's no email on your profile or blog?

    Tash I don't know whether you've seen this or not:

    but I need a street address and contact number so we can get your prize couriered out to you!

    Can you email me at

    Thanks xxx

  2. Have emailed you. Oh my goodness I didn't know!! So very excited to have won something!! Yay!!!