Saturday, August 21, 2010

Window tinting

Forgot to mention that we got our front windows tinted - just the bedroom and front entrance windows. Our house is north facing and the sun heats up the bedroom and we're also worried about the effect the uv would have on our floor, as well as when we get blinds.

So we got that done recently, was an easy process, just measured up the panes of glass and took those measurements into tintacar they came around the following week and I am pretty sure it took them about 25/30 minutes to do both windows (well 3 panes of glass).

The difference is amazing and I am seriously thinking of getting the childrens rooms done also at a later stage. It was just shy of $240 so not a bad price and we got the darkest tint available. :)

Ok, well I am off to bed. Have a good one everyone!!
Tash xxx

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