Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just posting...

Hello everyone :)

You have to excuse the 'quality' of the last lot of photos, they were taken on my iPhone, so not terribly good AND my dog had decided to run through the sprinklers, through the mulch and then on to the alfresco, so that's the dirty marks you can see. I assure you it looks much nicer in real life :)
Liquid limestone
Click on the above and it will take you to the website of the people who did our alfresco/outside area. They are wonderful, very competitive prices - actually my husband and I are verry picky with certain things and I can assure you that when I say we got many quotes, we certainly got many quotes!! His was the right price, the right finish and recommended by a neighbour (we saw his work first hand which was pretty much the clincher for us)
If you do speak to him, let him know where you got his details from please, I am sure he'll be happy to know. Also, no, I do not receive anything for writing this.

Tash xxx

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